Sunday, 26 August 2012


Lordy Lordy Lord...

Another couple of months gone and again, I don't blog because of several reasons:

1) Laziness.
B) Lethargic-ness.
iii) Uninterested-ness
Numero Quattro) I-don't-know-but-what-I-am-sure-of-is-that-Fashion-Star-took-up-more-of-my-time-than-I-orginally-bargained-for....ness.

Yes, it would appear that I am a lazy b**ch and as I do in most posts, I apologise. To make it up to you, I am going to do something I have never, EVER done on my blog before.


I'm going to do a personal shout-out.

Not like a, "Hey Mary, Olivia, Damien...whats up homies?!?!" kinda thing, because, let's be honest, that would either be:

A) EXTREMELY time consuming (and that's my problem - time consuming isn't working into my current television viewing schedule)
ii) TRAGIC, because by naming individuals, you would realise that there aren't as many readers of my blog as I first let on...although I do appreciate the 7 people that continuously hit the refresh button to boost my spirits. Thanks peeps), or
3) not even REMOTELY possible, because I actually don't know anyone called Mary, Olivia and Damien. sad.

ANYWHO...THIS shout out is to all the COUNTRIES that have been hittin' up my blog, yo!! *cough* Sorry, got a little ghetto there. Man, have I been feeling the love while I've been away!! It seems that not even re-runs of Modern Family could keep some people away (which, by the way, 8 times a week-you would think- would be too much Modern Family, when in fact, it actually isn't! What it is IS a reminder of how jaded real-life families are and how we would all be better off with a hot foreigner in the fams. And maybe a gay couple that are complete polar opposites but somehow miraculously make their relationship work. WITH WIT. Oh, and we should also all have an Asian baby).

So to the following countries, I say WWWWHHHAAAAAZZZZZZUUUUUPPPPP....

(Obviously! Pfft, I mean, if I wasn't getting love from my own country, then that would be slightly tragic! BTW, thanks to all my Facebook peeps that keep hittin' up da blog because I begged them to they like me)
United States
United Kingdom
and of course, how could I forget...
United Arab Emirates!
You guys (or guy, seeing as it was only the one person. You could also be a girl, which is fine too...just so we're clear) have been great. Surprising, seeing as it's not a country I would generally expect to be interested in...well, anything...but hey, WELCOME GUY!! Or girl. Nice to have you on board, you crazy kid!
So there you go, blogesphere!! A (somewhat lame) personal shout out! Yay!
And now you all feel loved, so I can go back to not blogging on a regular basis. EVERYONE WINS!!!

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